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What Our Clients Say About Us

“I can’t speak highly enough about James Campbell, his professional skills, and the care he gives to his clients. His knowledge of the property market is outstanding, and his expertise was invaluable in the preparation of the house for sale. He responded quickly to any query and could not have been more helpful. Through his hard work, he achieved an exceptional outcome.”

Seller in Hornsby Heights

“Highly recommend Soames Real Estate, the customer service was 2nd to none, courteous, helpful, friendly, caring and empathetic. I have never had such attention to detail from any other real estate agent. And a very special thanks to the Leasing Team for excellent customer service.”

Christine Ford

“Bought the unit in Waitara many years ago with Soames as the selling agent. When we decided to rent it out, Evonne was assigned to look after our property. It has been a great experience and delight to deal with her through many issues and problems (big and small). Evonne has been excellent, and I cannot thank her enough for her effort and prompt actions.”

Yoshi Kr

“I had a very good experience with SOAMES especially with LUCY JAGGAR, as she was so friendly throughout the process of renting the house out, and also she advised with many situations where we haven’t had an idea off. overall, it was a good experience. secondly, JASON HAUNG is a very humble person.”

Sachidananda G V

“Patrick is honest, thoughtful, and supportive throughout the selling process of our home which we have lived in for 40 years. He provided solid and experienced advice for the necessary improvements of all areas within our home in readiness for sale. He is innate to read the market and demonstrated sound strategies during the sale period. We feel thrilled that he successfully negotiated for us to obtain our desired sell price without us having to endure an auction.”

Seller in Normanhurst

“5 star with ease for Ben Sweeney. Ben just became my favourite property person ever. Honestly, everything so far has been pleasant, and I am so grateful for our experience so far. Thanks, Ben!”

Julie Freeman

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