Evonne (Yu Qiong) Chen

Senior Property Manager

Being a dedicated Property Management professional at Soames Real Estate and living in the local area, Evonne understands how the ever changing market will impact on your investment and knows how to ensure your assets potential is achieved and helps you create wealth.
Evonne believes building long lasting relationships with Landlord´s and Tenant´s is paramount in ensuring the smooth management of an investment property. Evonne will ensure that she delivers what is promised when managing your property.
Evonne has attained a wide range of experiences dealing with Landlord and Tenants in different aspects of the business. When managing a residential property, Evonne undertakes stringent tenant selection. Responsible and efficient, Evonne ensures that her portfolio runs as smoothly as possible. Evonne speaks fluent Mandarin, English and Cantonese enabling her to communicate effectively and efficiently.