James is married to Jacinta and they have 3 beautiful daughters Ava, Mia and Riley. Working in real estate for 20 years, I find it very easy to sell the area that I love to prospective buyers. Working as a Real Estate agent since 1999, I have grown an extensive knowledge of the market and adapted to the changing ways buyers look at purchasing a property.
Over the years, I have sold hundreds of properties in the local community and hold many street records. I find it very exciting when I can achieve a higher price than my owners expectations.
As an agent, I work for my owners but also believe in having a very good relationship with buyers. I am a strong believer that this will help to achieve top prices for my owners and also make the purchase process move along without any issues.
One of the most important qualities to me is honesty, that is the way I conduct all my business and I am proud that I get a lot of referral business because of it.
I am readily available if you have any questions and I am more than happy to provide my opinion to help you buy your next home, even if it's in a different area or with a different agent.